Bórd na nÓg AGM overview

Colm Meagher was appointed Chairman at a very well attended AGM last night. Mike Holland was elected Secretary and John Buggy has taken up the role of Vice-Chairman. Martin Carroll gave his final Chairmans address followed by a detailed treasurers report from Billy Moran. It was good to see that this group of people managed to raise over €12,500 for the clubs coffers covering any expense they incurred throughout the year and leaving some to spare for the club overall.

Michael Owens then gave a Chairmans address on behalf of the club acknowledging the huge effort being put in at underage level. John Buggy then gave a very detailed secretarys report going through all age groups and the games played. This full report will be available later on.

All managers were appointed up to U14 level and the recommendations of the committee were forwarded to the main AGM.



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