Exclusions on Club Insurance

A chara,

Can you send a reminder to your clubs in relation to the exclusions under the GAA Liability Covers. The Business description of the GAA is a Gaelic Sports and Cultural Organisation.

In particular I ask that clubs are reminded that there is a complete exclusion in respect of Scrap Metal Collections on GAA Property and / or as a GAA Activity. There is also a complete exclusion in relation to the use of Inflatables or of any Hired amusement on GAA property and/ or at GAA events. This is regardless of the Insurance status of any Third Party Provider.

In the event that a club organises an activity that is excluded under the policy no indemnity will be provided to the GAA Unit. There are currently 4 claims for personal injury being pursued against individual units of the Association which occurred at events which were excluded. The current reserves on these claims range from €40,000 to €65,000 and there is no insurance indemnity available to these GAA Units. This means that the GAA unit involved will have to bear the entire cost of the defence of these claims and any award made from their own funds.

In addition units who have held Scrap Metal events have been fined by the Environmental Protection Agency as a result of pollution to lands and rivers caused by the storage of such items on GAA property. The fines and any legal fees incurred were also borne by the individual GAA unit.

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