Site Drawings

The drawings below relate to the new proposed development for Ballycomey. It is to be situated at the rear of the existing building. It incorporates 2 new dressing rooms to accommodate our expanding numbers of players and playing teams. That will give Erin’s Own the opportunity to properly facilitate Feile level tournaments in the future, something we have had difficulty in doing so to date. In addition to this there will also be a machinery shed and equipment room. The current machinery shed needs to be moved for health and safety reasons and we do not have any proper equipment shed for all the teams equipment. At the rear of the building we will have a ball wall to help our younger players, and indeed players of all levels, in ongoing self development for the greater benefit of Erin’s Own. The upstairs section will have a big room space capable of housing a GYM type facility. Public Toilets are also being provided for in this building.


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