Strategic Plan 2011-2016 launched

John Buggy launched the club’s first ever strategic plan at the recent Annual General Meeting. The very impressive, and important, document was a culmination of months of work to its eventual presentation last week. It includes forwarding addresses by the various chairpersons in the club and then goes onto detail the individual strands that come together to form the strategy for the club for the next 5 years.


The booklet is full of wonderful photographs right throughout the document featuring members young and old. It forms a pictorial story of the club in all areas.


The strategic sections are


1. Fundraising & Financial Excellence

2. Club Structure and Administration

3. Coaching and Games Development

4. Communications / Public Realtions & Culture

5. Facilities and Development


A copy of the document is available from the club committee or directly from John Buggy at 087 2299555

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